K & K Tool

Manufacturer of quality molds for plastic injection and die-casting industries

Maintenance & Repair

Get back in production with minimal downtime

We offer full maintenance, repair and refurbishment services since 57 years. Our highly qualified staff cumulates experience transmitted over the decades and suggests the most cost-effective solutions.


Periodically maintain your tools to ensure their optimal productive lifespan.

Upon their arrival at our facilities, we perform a thorough inspection of your molds, followed by a detailed analysis of the needed repairs to return them to production.

Repair and Refurbishment

Our technicians affine setup once repairs are completed, and your molds are delivered on-time, ready to run.

The Benefits

Our repair facility is fully equipped to perform maintenance, repairs and refurbishments to molds from all origins.

  • Extend mold lifespan
  • Back in production with minimal downtime
  • Keep your production reliable