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Bi-Component Molds

Automate and improve molding production

During our 57 years of existence, we developped bicomponent molds with In-mold, turn-table or external transfer systems as well as manual or automated dual machine production cells.

Bicomponent plastic parts

The automation of multiple-injection projects gives you an advantage by improving your product quality and by reducing your molding and assembly costs. We have the knowledge and the equipement necessary to develop and test challenging processes directly at our plant.

Prototype molds together with our well equipped two-shot injection molding machine allows us to rapidly gather valuable information for the fabrication of the production molds:
ENGEL2-shot injection molding machine - 250 tons
Aux. Equipment2nd injection unit, 180 ° turn-table, 28 zone temperature controller, 2 core pull units, valve gate control unit, Various sequence programs.

The Benefits

  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Reduced part rejection
  • Create value added products